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Does Costco sell distilled water? Costco Distilled Water Price

Does Costco sell distilled water?

Yes Costco sells distilled water but only at select stores. I have looked for distilled water at locations in Texas, California, Hawaii and every Costco store I have ever been in with no luck. BUT I found distilled water at the Orlando Florida Costco location! As you can guess I was walking by the bottled water section when I saw a heavenly beam of light and heard angelic voicing singing as I saw the Costco bulk distilled water! I must be a water nerd, but I was so excited... "I finally found Costco Distilled Water!"

Costco Distilled Water Price:

The Costco Distilled Water Price is the cheapest I have ever paid for distilled water from a grocery store. The only way to get cheaper distilled water is to make it at home with a water distiller. The bulk distilled water Costco box included 6 1-gallon bottles of distilled water.

bulk distilled water costco 6-1 gallon bottles

This is the perfect place to get distilled water if you are on vacation at Disney World or Universal Studios in the Orlando Florida area! The Kirkland brand of bottled water tastes pretty good and is a great deal (no it's not distilled). We like to keep the Kirkland bottled water 40 pack in the car and have everyone take a water bottle into the parks.


box of water handles

There are two holes in the box you can use to lift it, but beware it weights about 50 pounds (each gallon of distilled water weights 8.34 x 6 = 50.04 pounds). When I carried the box from the car to the house with the handles it dug into my hands. The next box I carried from the bottom of the box and not the handles which more comfortable. The box is very heavy duty, thick and strong. There is a warning on the box to "not stack over 5 height". 


  • Crystal Springs Costco Distilled Water Label Information
    BRAND: Crystal Springs Distilled Water
  • BOTTLED BY: DS Services of America, Inc. Atlanta, GA 30339 
  • SOURCE: Well(s) or Municipal Water. (The exact source of the water is not specifically listed on the label. I don't know if it is from a Florida or Georgia water source)
  • PURIFIED BY: Steam Distillation, filtered and ozonated to ensure quality.
  • CONTAINS: Distilled Water

Costco Water Distiller:

Can I buy a Costco Water Distiller? No Costco does not sell water distiller machines. BUT you can get the same high quality of products that you are used to buying at Costco with a Low Price Guarantee at Rocky Mountain Water Distillers. Buy a commercial-grade 316 Stainless Steel, Made in USA Durastill Water Distiller that has been trusted for 45 years by Fortune 500 companies, the U.S. Military, U.S State Department, U.S. Embassies, Doctors, Dentists and thousands of families.

costco water distiller like quality made in usa of stainless steel

Does Costco carry distilled water online?

No, Costco does not carry distilled water online! When I looked on Costco.com and search for "distilled water" it said "We were not able to find a match". The reason is probably because it would cost you a ton of money to pay for the shipping cost of 50 pounds of distilled water.

does costco carry distilled water Yes does costco have distilled water Yes

Does Costco have distilled water delivery?

costco distilled water deliveryCostco does not have specifically have distilled water delivery. If you go to their website and try to get distilled water delivery it takes you to a 3rd party website for your local water delivery options. So this probably varies on your location and who Costco has contracted with to delivery bottled water and it will depend on their water purification method as to which type of water is available (distilled, reverse osmosis, deionized, etc).