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How OFTEN To Clean Water Distiller?

One of the most frequently asked questions is: "How often should you clean your water distiller? or How often do I clean my Durastill water distiller?" Today in this video I'm going to teach you exactly how OFTEN to clean a water distiller to maximize it's life.

HOW OFTEN To Clean Water Distiller?

time to clean

Hi I'm Brandon Flint with Rocky Mountain Water Distillers. The quick answer to how often to clean a water distiller is:

#1: Drain the water distiller boiling chamber once a month

#2: Clean your water distiller system every 6 months & replace the filters 

How do you know if you need to clean it more than every six months?

If scale is thickness of credit card then time to clean boiling chamber

A really easy way to tell if you need to clean out your boiling chamber is to use the credit card trick. Ultimate TIP: If the scale and mineral deposits are the thickness of a credit card, then it is time to clean the boiling chamber! You can clean out the boiling chamber at any time. Just clean it out and then drain it. This is just a quick clean of the boiling chamber, NOT the same as the thorough 6-month full cleaning of your distiller.

WARNING: You must keep your distiller clean to maximize the life of your distiller. A clean distiller is a happy distiller. The most destructive thing you can do to your water distiller is to NOT clean it regularly.  Eventually the minerals and sediment will build up so high in the boiling chamber that they will completely cover the heating element and turn into a hard "cement-like" block. This can ruin your water distiller. I don't know if you have ever had a water heater go out on you and die, but if you noticed the heating element of the water heater probably had several inches of mineral buildup on it. Be smart and take good care of your water distiller by cleaning and maintaining it.


You should drain your boiling chamber once a month. The Durastill owners manual actual recommends draining the boiling chamber after every 25 gallons of water have been distilled or about once per week. For most people draining the boiling chamber once a week is unrealistic and not going to happen with how busy life is.  But once a month is easy to do and make a huge difference in the efficiency and operation of your water distiller machine! When you drain out the boiling chamber you will see the minerals and scale come out and it sort of looks like white, brown or black sand. This prevents mineral buildup on the heating element, float and sides of the boiling chamber.

"For regular use I recommend draining your boiling chamber once a month. For medical use, such as a Dental office or Surgeon, I recommend draining the boiling chamber once a week as part of your scheduled maintenance of ALL of your equipment." - Brandon Flint


You should clean your water distillation machine every six months and replace the filters.  Don't forget to inspect the lid of the distiller and boiling chamber opening and clean it if necessary. Sometimes you get scale and mineral buildup on the lid. Don't worry it is easy to clean off with white distilled vinegar.

HOW TO Clean A Durastill Water Distiller in 3 Easy Steps

how to clean durastill water distiller in 3 steps


EASYCLEAN Step #1: Clean the distiller boiling chamber

EASYCLEAN Step #2: Clean the water storage tank

EASYCLEAN Step #3: Replace the filters

In summary, it is easy to maintain your water distiller just drain the boiling chamber once a month and clean your water distillation system every six months and replace the carbon filters. For a more in-depth water distiller cleaning video watch: The Ultimate Cleaning and Maintenance Guide for Durastill Water Distillers!