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Commercial Water Distillers

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Quality Trusted for 46 Years - Durastill Commercial Water Distillers are proudly Made in the USA of "surgical grade stainless steel", which makes them last up to 30 years!  HOW-TO Unpack, Setup and Install VIDEO included with every 2022 model commercial water distiller purchase. Distilled water production ranges from 42 to 84 gallons per day with water storage tank options of 80 to 150 gallons. You can even produce more than this with a custom setup.

  • Commercial Grade and Industrial Quality
  • 1-Year Warranty
  • Industry Leader and Trusted for 46 Years
  • How to Install VIDEO. 
  • Completely customization system to meet your high output needs

Please click here to contact Brandon Flint by email to get a custom quote to meet your specific and unique commercial water distiller system needs. Or please call (801) 923-4030.

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