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About Us - Our Mission to Help 100 Million


Brandon Flint Owner of Rocky Mountain Water Distillers

My name is Brandon Flint and I am the owner of Rocky Mountain Water Distillers. My mission is to help 100 Million people improve their health by drinking the purest water on planet earth! I believe our choices about what we eat and what we drink can have an amazing positive impact on not only our health but our quality of life.

I have a confession to make, before I started drinking distilled water, I HATED drinking water. I have a very vivid memory that explains why I hated water. One hot summer day I had been working outside weeding the flower beds and mowing the lawn. I was hot and really sweaty. I don't know if you are like me, but sometimes I don't pay attention to what my body is telling me until it screams at me. That day it screamed to me... I am thirsty and you need water now!  I guess the light bulb went on and I realized I was dehydrated and as thirsty as I can ever remember. I walked through our garage and entered the garage door to my house. I walked through the laundry room to the kitchen.  I only had one thing on my mind, "Go to the sink and get a drink of water!" I walked through the door way and I could feel the cool air conditioning on my sweaty face.  I grabbed a cup and turned on the faucet full blast to fill up my cup as fast as possible.  My cup wasn't even to the top before I started guzzling the water down.  You know when you drink really fast and it takes a second to actually taste the water. Well it took me a second or two as I was guzzling before I realized something was wrong.

I immediately stopped drinking and took a breath.  The water smelled like rotten fish and it tasted horrible.  Even though I was on the brink of death (at least in my teenage mind) and extremely thirsty, I could not keep drinking. I tried to keep drinking but spit it out and poured the rest of the glass of water down the kitchen sink.

So how did I manage to actually survive drinking as little water as possible growing up? Milk!  I hated the taste of our tap water, so my go-to beverage was milk. I drank gallons and gallons of milk every week. When I was at High School and really thirsty I found that the really cold water from the drinking fountain was tolerable.  So I would drink water when I had too. What is really funny is that my family has a milk allergy or hyper-sensitivity to dairy.  So when I drink milk it makes me feel like I have a cold.  I get a stuffy nose, just like when you have a cold. And when it is really bad I get drainage down my throat at night and I wake up with a sore throat.  My milk reaction actually make it harder for me to breathe because of all of the extra mucus in my body.  So I hated water so much that I basically suffered with a permanent cold for the first 21 years of my life because I substituted drinking water for drinking milk (even with my allergy)! 

flint famliy

When I was 21 years old and in college I started dating Emily.  The happy ending is we got married, had 6 awesome kids and I got healthy! When we were first dating, I remember going to Emily's house and they had a faucet next to the kitchen sink that was "just for drinking water". I thought that was kind of weird, because I had never seen anything like that before and everybody I knew drank tap water.  Emily told me that it was "distilled water" and it was pure and clean. I had a quick flashback to my "rotten fish tap water" and thought "hey it can't be worse than that!" 

I still remember that first time I drank distilled water at Emily's house.  It tasted AMAZING!  It didn't have a crazy chemical taste like I was used to. It didn't taste like my rotten fish tap water at home. The distilled water tasted pure and clean.  I was hooked! Is it ok to be addicted to drinking distilled water after 21 years of hating tap water?  I hope so because every time I went to Emily's house I would drink tons of distilled water.  Then I actually started noticing that my body was talking to me. I noticed that I was super thirsty almost all the time and pretty much permanently dehydrated.  Except when I went to Emily's, where I guzzled distilled water. 

It turned out that Emily's Dad (named Reed) owned a Durastill Water Distiller. So naturally my first water distiller in college was a Durastill 30H. At first I was kind of intimidated and overwhelmed with how a distiller works. But once I got some education I realized it was a "piece of cake"!  Not only did Reed have a Durastill distiller at home... he owned a water store that sold Durastill and people could come and fill up 5 gallon bottles of distilled water.  This was my introduction to distilled water and Durastill Water Distillers.  

I loved Durastill so much that I became a distributor for Durastill. In fact in just about 10 years I became the #1 exclusive Durastill dealer in the United States. I specialize in helping families take control of their health with a Durastill Water Distiller system for their homes.  I also serve businesses, universities, laboratories, dentists, doctors, manufacturing facilities and other companies who need commercial water distillation systems. 

I have now been drinking distilled water for 20 years (yep you did your math right... that makes me 41 years old). So I went from a water HATER to a water LOVER.  I now get to live my dream and serve you... different people from all across the United States who are dedicated to drinking distilled water and improving your health! I am in the process of fulfilling my personal mission to help 100 Million people improve their health by drinking the purest water on planet earth... distilled water! I have the coolest customers (aka friends), that I learn so much from everyday. I am always here to answer any questions you may have and I am happy to help in every way I can! Remember I am just one phone call or one email away.