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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions that many of our customers have had about Durastill Water Distillers, water distillation and more. If you have a question that is not answered fill free to call us or email us through our contact us page.


How to Choose the Best Water Distiller For You

Just answer these 5 simple questions for figure out the best water distiller for you.

How To Remove Iron from all sources of drinking water?

ANSWER: Learn how to remove iron from water at home with distillation.

Does Distilled Water Have Minerals In It?

ANSWER: Distillation Removes minerals.

Does Distilled Water Have Arsenic In It?

ANSWER: Learn all about how distillation removes arsenic and why it is recommended by CDC.

Does Distilled Water Have Bacteria In It?

ANSWER: Does Distilled Water Have Bacteria.

Does Distilled Water Have Chlorine In It?

ANSWER: Does Distilled Water Have Chlorine In It.

Does Distilled Water Have Fluoride In It?

ANSWER: Does Distilled Water Have Fluoride In It.

Does distilled water have Lead in it?

ANSWER: Does Distillation Removes Lead.

Does Distilled Water Have Minerals In It?

ANSWER: Distillation Removes minerals.

Does Distilled Water Have Nitrates In It?

ANSWER: Distillation Removes nitrates from drinking water.

Does Distilled Water Have Sodium In It?

ANSWER: Distillation Removes salt.

Does distilled water help with Weight Loss?

ANSWER: Drinking Distilled Water for Weight Loss.

What are the best water distillers for Gerson Therapy?

ANSWER: Best Gerson Therapy Water Distiller.

What is the best water distiller on the market?

ANSWER: Best Water Distiller on the Market.

What is the difference between steam and vapor distilled water?

ANSWER: Learn about the difference between a vapor and a steam distilled water machine and who should buy which type of water.

Why do you use distilled water in a CPAP machine?

ANSWER: Learn about the best home water distiller for cpap machines and why used distilled water.

What type of water should be used in the autoclave?

ANSWER: Distilled Water for Autoclave.

Is Distilled Water Good for Batteries?

ANSWER: Yes, Distilled water is good for batteries and recommended by battery manufacturers.

Is distilled water best for humidifiers?

ANSWER: Learn how to make distilled water for humidifier.

What is the shelf life of distilled water and how long is distilled water good for?

ANSWER: Learn how long distilled water is good for and the best way to store it.

Why is there a Shortage of Distilled Water in 2022?

ANSWER: Learn where to find distilled water during the Water Shortage!

Does CVS have distilled water?

ANSWER: Yes CVS does have distilled water in many sizes in more than 9,000 stores in the Unites States.

Does Home Depot carry distilled water?

ANSWER: Yes Home Depot does have distilled water!

Does Target have distilled water for sale?

ANSWER: Yes, Target sells distilled water get the details!

Does Walgreens have distilled water?

ANSWER: Yes Walgreens does have distilled water in several size bottles in over 8,000 stores across the U.S.

Does Walmart sell distilled water?

ANSWER: Yes, Walmart sells distilled water get all the details!

Does Rocky Mountain Water Distillers have a Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale?

ANSWER: Yes, Rocky Mountain Water Distillers has a once a year black friday water distiller sale!