(801) 923-4030 | Low Price Guarantee + Free Shipping (Continental US) COVID-19 Notice [Oct 2021 update]: Due to record demand the Durastill factory has a 10-12 week backlog of orders. You can order your Durastill System now on a first-in first-out basis. Your order will ship out 10-12 weeks from the order date. This delay is for everyone who sells Durastill distillers.

Durastill 1 Year Warranty

Who is Durastill? Durastill Water Distillers makes the highest quality home water distillers, commercial water distillers, water storage tanks and accessories in the world. For over 45 years Durastill has been the industry leader because our products are dependable, reliable, and engineered to be easily maintain.  If your product does need to be repaired, don't worry because Durastill  is the only water distiller manufacturer in the world to provide parts and service for every water distiller ever produced from our factory!

What is the Durastill 1-Year Warranty? The Durastill 1-Year Part Replacement Warranty covers your entire Durastill water distiller system. It gives you peace of mind knowing that is any part of the durastill water distiller malfunctions, Durastill will send you a replacement part for free.