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Does Distillation Remove Lead From Water?

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Does distilled water contain lead?

To put it simply, NO! Durastill Distilled Water does NOT contain lead. Read the in-depth distilled water lead free explanation below.

Does distillation remove lead?

YES a commercial-grade Durastill Water Distiller (made in USA) removes lead from your water. Durastill steam distillation combined with an NSF Certified Post-Carbon filter removes the maximum amount of lead from your drinking water! Learn exactly how below: 


does distilled water contain leaddoes distillation remove lead from water Yes


The CDC recommends distillation:

CDC best way to remove lead from water

"Distillation Systems use a process of heating water to the boiling point and then collecting the water vapor as it condenses, leaving many of the contaminants behind.  Distillation Systems will remove common chemical contaminants, including lead, and many organic chemicals. Consider water treatment methods such as distillation, and carbon filters specially designed to remove lead."

Source: cdc.gov (click on links above for both CDC articles)

How To Remove Lead From Water?

Durastill Water Distillers remove the maximum amount of lead from your drinking water through the process of steam distillation and NSF Certified Post-Carbon filter. This dual-layer water purification method is actually above and beyond what the CDC recommends.  


how to remove lead from water how to remove lead from your drinking water

How to remove lead from your drinking water for maximum health?

1. The boiling chamber is automatically filled with your water supply or source water. This includes whatever water source you use including: tap water, well water, municipal water, rain water or any other drinking water source.

2. The water is heated to boil. As the water molecule changes state from a liquid to steam the lead is unable to hang on the molecule. The lead remains in the boiling chamber.

3. The steam is then cooled with a fan and turned back into water.

4. The water then passes through a carbon filter as a dual-layer of water purification.

5. The lead free distilled water is then deposited in the 316 "surgical grade" stainless steel storage tank.