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Does distilled water go bad? How long does distilled water last?

Does Distilled Water Go Bad?

does distilled water go bad

Unlike other forms of water, distilled water does not go bad or spoil easily. It only goes bad when it is impacted by environmental factors such as pollutants or inadequate packaging. Distilled water can last for a very long time if it is stored adequately.

Users can even use it indefinitely if it is properly stored. However, since distilled water is used for various purposes besides drinking, its shelf life may vary. For instance, distilled water used in home appliances can last for years if not opened. The water may sometimes last for another year or two if the user takes care of it.

How long does distilled water last?

how long does distilled water last

Distilled water lasts up to 2-3 years if properly sealed and uncontaminated! Adequately stored bottled distilled water is free of contaminants, which keeps it clean, and safe. Bottled distilled water comes with an expiration date, but it can be used even after that date as long as it is properly stored.

Storing the distilled water doesn't require users to practice special methods or exclusive equipment. Storing the water in a fridge away from sunlight inside a clean container is safe.

How long is distilled water good for once opened?

How long distilled water is good for once opened depends on temperature, sunlight, cleanliness of the container and the cleanliness of the environment. If you are drinking distilled water directly out of a bottle (like the 16.9 oz) then the bacteria from your mouth will be contaminating the distilled water. I would recommend you drink it the same day. If you have a 1-Gallon bottle of distilled water I recommend you keep it in the fridge and drink it within one week. And never drink directly out of the 1-gallon jug. (I just had a flashback to my Mother telling me not to drink milk right out of the bottle... anyone else remember that?)

Distilled water stored in an opened bottle or container can be caught, or materials from external sources. Opened bottled water must be kept away from heat and sunlight. Storing the open water container in a pantry or a dust-free cabinet keeps it usable without fearing contamination.

Does distilled water have to be refrigerated after opening?

I highly recommend distilled water be refrigerated after opening! The cold temperature and dark environment minimizes bacteria growth and is an excellent environment for your distilled water!

It is not necessary to store distilled water in the fridge once the container is opened. However, you must ensure to safely store the water to keep it contaminant free after opening. This keeps the water safe to use and prevents it from going bad.

Treat distilled water like you do with bottled water and protect it from contaminants. Storing distilled water in the fridge ensures safety and freshness, but it is not mandatory.

The worst place you can leave your distilled water is in a hot car! During the day the car becomes an oven and super heats the cheap plastic distilled water bottles. When the plastic is heated is leaches plastic and chemicals into the distilled water. If you have every done this, like I have, you will notice that the distilled water tastes really bad... it literally tastes like plastic!

Why does distilled water expire?

Distilled water container/ bottle has an expiry date mentioned. Unopened distilled water can last for many years. The reason for mentioning an expiration date on the bottle is that once opened, the chances of it getting contaminated become higher. Even then, you can use it for a year or two by using the water with care.

What is the shelf life of distilled water?

Bottled distilled water can last indefinitely as it has a stable shelf life. A typical distilled water bottle has an expiration date of three or five years after production. The taste of water can be impacted based on the date it was produced. Water from an old stock does not taste as fresh as the newer stocks. Exposure to sunlight also reduces the quality and taste of distilled water.


  • Users can improve distilled water's quality and shelf life by keeping the bottle away from sunlight.
  • Tightly seal the storage container after use, as open water comes into contact with air, resulting in contamination.
  • Prevent storing the water container inside odorous materials.
  • Store water in glass bottles and containers and lid them tightly.
  • Storing distilled water in a high-density Polyethylene storage container or bottle gives it food-grade preservation.