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Does distilled water have Salt in it? Does distilling water remove Salt?

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Does distilled water have salt in it?

 No, Durastill Distilled Water does NOT have of salt in it. The purest form of water available on the planet removes all known salts, chemicals, and additives during the distillation stage. Water is boiled and converted into steam, after which the steam is gathered and cooled until the water is turned liquid again.

Does distilling water remove the salt?

YES, Durastill water distilling does remove salt from water naturally including tap water, well water. Distillation is the most common method of removing salt from water. Other similar methods include Reverse Osmosis, but its results are less efficient than distillation. Distillation involves boiling and collecting water in vapor form during the process. This method is proven the best for removing salt from water.


does distilled water have salt in it? Nodoes distilling water remove salt YES

Does distilled water have sodium in it?

Does distilled water have sodium in it? No

Most people use the term "sodium" and "salt" interchangeably when talking about distilled water. Distilled water does not have sodium in it. In fact, there is no sodium, additives, or other contaminants in distilled water. The distillation procedure ensures that the water remains free from additives, sodium and microbial. 

What is the difference between removing salt from tap water and removing salt from seawater?

Saltwater has a much higher per unit volume compared to tap water. Saltwater has a higher density than tap water, so the former is heavier even when both have equal volume. Compared to saltwater, tap water is relatively pure even though mixed with a minor amount of salt, chemicals and other contaminants.

The United States Navy double-distills seawater and has a intricate filtration process to convert seawater into clean and pure distilled water on their ships. The amount of salt in the seawater is extremely high. Their boiling chambers must be cleaned daily because the salt and mineral buildup is so extreme. I don't recommend that you try to distill seawater at home! 

Why is having too much salt bad for my body?

Salt contains approximately 49% sodium and 60% chloride. It is commonly used as a stabilizer and adds flavor to many different types of foods. Salt is also a preservative as it eliminates bacteria and harmful microorganisms. However, consuming too much salt/ sodium is not recommended. Overconsumption of salt may lead to high blood pressure, loss of calcium from bones and heart diseases. It also increases the chances of stroke.

Chronic Disease Risk Reduction suggests that a common man must not consume more than 2300 milligrams of salt every day. This reduces the possibility of chronic disease among men and women, specifically pregnant females.

What happens if I drink seawater or ocean water?

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WARNING: drinking large amounts of seawater or ocean water can be fatal! We have all been playing at a beach and we get a little bit of salt water in our mouths as we are boogie boarding or body surfing in the waves. You get a super salty, gross flavor in your mouth and you try to spit it out. But getting a little bit of seawater in your mouth is completely different than drinking a large amount of seawater. The Harvard School of Public Health has an excellent article that explains all salt and sodium health recommendations, food sources, deficiency and toxicity.

The salt that people consume daily is much smaller than what their body ends up getting from seawater or ocean water at the beach. The salt content in saltwater is much higher, which the human body cannot process. As a result, the body reacts to this type of water in different ways. Kidneys are at risk as they can make urine in less salty water. Consumption of ocean water can significantly damage kidneys. This is because kidneys use freshwater to dilute excess salt excreted through urine. Higher salt content and lack of freshwater for urine production for excretion may raise the chances of kidney failure. For more information about how toxic salt can be read this Harvard article

How to remove salt from drinking water at home? 

how to remove salt from drinking water at home best way to remove salt from water

If you are wondering how to remove salt from drinking water at home, then the best way to remove salt from water is with a commercial-grade Durastill Home Water Distiller machineIt is proudly Made in the USA and lasts up to 30 years, plus you get Free Shipping and the Lowest Price Guarantee!