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Does Home Depot have distilled water? + Water Distiller Home Depot Review

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Home Depot distilled water Does Home Depot have distilled water? Yes


Does Home Depot have distilled water?

Yes! Home Depot does have distilled water in 1 gallon bottles under the Crystal Springs brand. The price right now is $1.47 per gallon and you will find it at the front of the store by the checkout stands. But since the distilled water shortage it is usually out-of-stock.

How many brands of distilled water does Home Depot carry?

Crystal Springs distilled water 1gal bottle
Home Depot only carries 1 brand of distilled water: Crystal Springs distilled water in 1 gallon bottles. Home Depot has 2,300 stores in North America and is officially the largest home improvement retailer! With so many stores and such an unstable supply of distilled water, your local Home Depot store may carry a different brand.  I have been looking for distilled water at my local Home Depot for 5 months and every time I have stopped by they have been out-of-stock with empty shelves. After 5 months, I finally found distilled water at a Home Depot store in a neighboring state.   

What is the in-store price of distilled water at Home Depot for the 1 gallon size?

home depot distilled water price and barcode

You will find the distilled water 1 gallon bottles at the front of the store by the checkout stands. They usually just have 1 shelf of distilled water on display that you can grab on your way to checkout. I would recommend you call the store before you drive there because it may be out of stock. The up-to-date price of Crystal Springs distilled water 1Gal = $1.47. 

Brand of Distilled Water Home Depot Distilled Water Price  Price Date
Crystal Springs 1 Gallon $1.47 June 25, 2022


Crystal Springsbottle distilled water at home depot


  • BRAND: Crystal Springs Distilled Water
  • BOTTLED BY: DS Services of America, Inc. Atlanta, GA 30339 
  • SOURCE: Well(s) or Municipal Water. (The exact source of the water is not specifically listed on the label. I don't know if it is from a Florida or Georgia water source)
  • PURIFIED BY: Steam Distillation, filtered and ozonated to ensure quality.
  • CONTAINS: Distilled Water

What is the Crystal Springs water source?

The label says: "For a report on water quality and information, contact guest services 1-800-682-0246 or visit crystal-springs.com."

Crystal Springs was is owned by DS Services of America, Inc. doing business as Primo Water North America 200 Eagles Landing Boulevard Lakeland, Florida 33810.

DS Services of America Primo Water of North America Crystal Springs BBB Rating

Their Better Business Bureau BBB Rating is A+ but there are 214 reviews with an average of 1 star. Most of the reviews complained about the bottled water delivery service and problems with that. So after reading the reviews I would recommend you just buy the Crystal Springs water at the store and maybe skip on the bottled distilled water delivery service. When on vacation, I bought Crystal Springs distilled water and it tasted fine.

I searched on the website and the water quality report was nowhere to be found. I expected it to be really easy to find. It looks like Consumer Reports has also had a hard time finding water quality report information.

Consumer Reports stated:

Consumer Reports bottled water research

"Getting information about the quality of the bottled water you drink is hard. We know because we tried.

There is no single source that maintains a list of these quality reports, which companies must produce for federal inspector or state regulators. The website for the International Bottled Water Association, the industry’s main lobby group, does link to some of them. But many of those links are broken, CR found."

I finally found a link to the Crystal Springs distilled water quality report doing a google search. There are several reports on this page to choose from just choose the "Distilled Water English/en Español" report.


The DS Services of America Crystal Springs Water Quality Report states the pH level is 6.0 and the TDS is less than 5 parts per million.
DS Services of America crystal springs distilled water quality report ph level TDS test

Does Home Depot sell distilled water online at homedepot.com?

does home depot sell distilled water online? Yes but out of stock

Yes, Home Depot sells distilled water online, but it is currently "unavailable". It says "This item is unavailable at Ft Worth" and "Delivery is unavailable for this product." It shows a price of 98 cents online, but I have no idea what they would charge for shipping if it where available and in-stock for delivery. With gasoline and deisel over $5 per gallon then shipping heavy distilled water could be extremely expensive! 

Home Depot Water Distiller Reviews

water distiller home depot reviews spoiler alertWATER DISTILLER HOME DEPOT SPOILER ALERT: Unfortunately all of the water distillers Home Depot sells are cheap, low quality, have a short lifespan, are made in China and some only have a 30 day limited warranty. You get what you pay for with their "coffee maker style" distillers. All of the made in China water distillers look exactly the same they just have a different brand name slapped on the outside. They look like a coffee maker. Home Depot does not sell any Made in USA water distillers! I would not trust my family's health to these low quality distillers.


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