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Does Target have Distilled Water? Good & Gather Distilled Water 1Gal

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Target distilled water Does target have distilled water Yes


Does Target have distilled water?

Yes! Target does have distilled water in 1 gallon bottles under the Good and Gather brand. The price right now is $1.19 per gallon and you will find it in aisle A31 and A32 on the outer wall. However they may be out of stock due to the current distilled water shortage.

How many brands of distilled water does Target sell?

Good & Gather distilled water 1gal
Target only sells 1 brand of distilled water: Good and Gather distilled water 1 gallon bottles. When you look at all of the different bottles of Target water on the shelves, they are easy to find if you just look for the light green label with a dark green logo.

What is the price of Target distilled water 1 gallon jugs?

target distilled water price and barcode

The price of the Target distilled water has increased over the past few months. About a year ago it was $0.90 cents. When I went to Target recently I was surprised the price had increase in such a short amount of time. The up-to-date price of Good & Gather distilled water 1Gal = $1.19. The average price range of bottled distilled water ranges from $1.00 to $1.50 per gallon.

Brand of Distilled Water Target Distilled Water Price  Price Date
Good and Gather 1 Gallon $1.19 Feb. 20, 2022


Unfortunately the label on the Good & Gather Distilled Water 1Gal bottle lacks many of the details of other brands and other stores. The label does not list the source of the water and who it was bottled by.  Normally you would see who it was bottled by and the water source used to make the distilled water (usually it is a local municipal water supply aka. tap water from a city nearby the store location). 


Good and Gather water source ingredients label
  • INGREDIENTS: Distilled Water
  • DISTRIBUTED BY: Target Corporation Minneapolis, MN 55403
  • BOTTLED BY: No information on label (but the water quality report mentions "Niagara Bottling" see below)
  • SOURCE: No information on label
  • PROCESSED BY: Purified by Steam Distillation, Filtered & Ozonated to Ensure Quality


What is the Good and Gather water source?

The label says: "For a report on water quality and information, contact guest services 1-800-316-6151 or Help.target.com."

So I called this customer service phone number and asked them, “Where is the Good and Gather distilled water sourced? Do you have a local bottled water company produce the distilled water and then distribute it to a local region or do you have a national water bottling company produce the distilled water and then ship it out to all your Target stores?” They did not know the answer to this question. I also asked, “Do you have a water quality report for the Good and Gather distilled water?”. They told me yes, but they did not know exactly where to find it. They told me they would email me the water quality report. Apparently I am not alone in my search for this information.

Consumer Reports stated:

Consumer Reports bottled water research

"Getting information about the quality of the bottled water you drink is hard. We know because we tried.

There is no single source that maintains a list of these quality reports, which companies must produce for federal inspector or state regulators. The website for the International Bottled Water Association, the industry’s main lobby group, does link to some of them. But many of those links are broken, CR found."

I never did get the email with the link to the water quality report, but after doing some research I found the Target Water Quality Report

Click Below to Download the Target Water Quality Report for Good and Gather Distilled Water:

Target Good and Gather Distilled Water Quality Report Analysis Test

The 2021 Good and Gather Distilled Water Quality Report PDF (English)

The 2021 Good and Gather Distilled Water Quality Report PDF (Espanol/Spanish)


Where is the Target distilled water aisle?

where is target distilled water aisle

So you walk into Target and ask yourself, “What aisle is the Target distilled water on?” Then you guess where you think it might be and walk with confidence to find it. Only to be disappointed when it isn’t there and you then guess again and go on a treasure hunt across the store for. This is exactly what I did the first time I was trying to find it.

I want to save you time by going directly to where the Target distilled water is. You will find the distilled water in the grocery section of Target on aisle A31 and A32. The problem is that when you get to the aisle you will not see any distilled water bottles (see the picture). The first time I saw this I was confused, “Why would you have water listed on the aisle sign but then not have any bottles of water on the shelves?” I asked a Target employee where to find the 1 gallon bottles of distilled water and they took me right to it. The Target distilled water is on the outside edge of the store, not on the internal aisles. Every Target I have ever been in has this same setup, the distilled water is not where you think it should be or even in the labeled aisle, but on the outer wall. Just walk down the aisle and when you get to the end of the aisle look to the left or right on the outside wall and you will find the glorious shelf of distilled water! You will see a heavenly beam of light shining on the crystal clear distilled water and hear angelic voices singing as a tribute to your victory! Well that is at least how I felt once I found the Good and Gather Distilled Water at Target! (watch the video...coming soon).


Does Target sell distilled water online at Target.com?

does target sell distilled water online? Yes
 super target distilled water 1 gallon empty shelf sold out

Yes, Target sells distilled water online at Target.com. But the problem is that right now it is sold out due to the distilled water shortage. I would recommend you keep checking the website to see when it becomes available. Many of the physical stores are also out of stock and have empty shelves. You could try to call around at several different Target and SuperTarget stores and ask them if they have distilled water in-stock before you drive to the store. This will save you time and money driving all over town.  

Is it really distilled? How do I test it?

target distilled water ph test and tds reading from official water quality report

Well the Good and Gather distilled water label says it contains one ingredient "distilled water". You can test the pH level of the water to determine how acidic or alkaline the water is on the spectrum. The best test is to use a TDS meter and test the amount of Total Dissolved Solids. The TDS meter should read less than 10 PPM (Parts Per Million) for distilled water. There may be particles from the plastic that have leeched into the water that are showing up on the TDS meter, but ideally distilled water should have 0 PPM. The Target Water Quality report states the pH level is 5.8 and the TDS is ND (none detected). 

Don't just rely on Target for you supply of distilled water, especially when their stock is questionable right now. Take control of your distilled water supply and make your own distilled water. Buy a commercial-grade Durastill Water Distiller that lasts up to 30 years and is proudly made in the USA for your residential use, business use or commercial use!