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Does Walgreens sell Distilled Water? Nice distilled water 1 Gallon bottle

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Does Walgreens sell distilled water? Yes


Does Walgreens sell distilled water?

Yes! Walgreens sells distilled water in Nice 1 gallon bottles and Smartwater 16.9 oz to 1.5 liter sizes. The current price range is $1.29-$11.01 per gallon and you will find it in aisle 10. But it may be out of stock due to the ongoing distilled water shortage.

What distilled water brands does Walgreens have?

Walgreens has almost 9,000 stores in the United States. There are two brands of distilled water Walgreens sells in the majority of their stores: Nice! distilled water brand and Smartwater brand. WARNING: do not use distilled water with minerals or distilled water with electrolytes in a CPAP machine, medical device or appliance. The minerals will stick to it and many CPAP machines warranties will be voided if you use anything other than pure distilled water. All of the Smartwater distilled water has minerals in it at Walgreens. I would recommend you contact your device manufacturer and ask them exactly what kind of water they recommend.  

WALGREENS DISTILLED WATER PRICE: How much is distilled water at Walgreens?

how much is distilled water at walgreens distilled water price

If you are wondering how much is distilled water at Walgreens, don't worry I keep this pricing page up-to-date every month. The Walgreens distilled water price range is $1.29 to $11.01 per gallon. Of course the larger 1 gallon size is the cheapest price and the smallest 16.9 ounce more expensive. Compared to other stores Walgreens distilled water is more expensive, but you also have the convenience of having so many locations that you shouldn't have to travel very far to find a store near you. Below you will find all the different sizes of distilled water bottles. I included the actual price and then I calculated the price per gallon so you can easily compare them head-to-head. Don't forget to look for a "buy more & save" deal. Buying 2 at a time can save you quite a bit of money. All the prices below are the regular prices and do not include any temporary sale prices or in-store promotions. There are 3 types of distilled water:

  1. regular steam distilled water
  2. vapor distilled water with minerals/electrolytes and
  3. alkaline 9pH vapor distilled water with minerals/electrolytes
Brand of Distilled Water Walgreens Distilled Water Price  Price Date Price Per Gallon
Nice! 1 Gal $1.29 Mar. 17, 2022 $1.29
Nice 1.0L $1.59 Mar. 17, 2022 $6.02
Smartwater 1.5L $2.99 Mar. 17, 2022 $6.30
Smartwater 1.0L $2.89 Mar. 17, 2022 $11.01
Smartwater 16.9oz - 6pk $6.79 Mar. 17, 2022 $8.58
Smartwater 1.5L ALK $2.99 Mar. 17,2022 $7.55
Smartwater 1.0L ALK $2.89 Mar. 17, 2022 $10.88


nice distilled water 1 gallon bottle

The Nice distilled water 1 gallon bottles have one of best labels of any other brand of distilled water.  When you look at the shelf, it is the water bottle with the blue and purple label and it says Nice "Simple, Honest, Delicious." This is the most honest label I have seen with nothing hidden. The label including the 100% satisfaction guaranteed, nutrition facts, distribution, sourcing, processing, bottling, and water quality information. Check out the details below:  

nice distilled water ingredients and label information

  • DISTRIBUTED BY: Walgreens Co. 200 Wilmot Rd, Deerfield, IL 60015 1-800-925-4773
  • SOURCE: Municipal Water Supply, Plymouth, MI
  • PROCESSED BYSteam Distillation
  • BOTTLED BY: Absopure Company, Plymouth, MI 48170
  • SOURCE: SLC Municipal Water; Salt Lake City, Ut
  • PROCESSED BYSteam Distillation, Microfiltration, Ozonation



The Absopure Company is a private label water bottler that bottles the Nice brand of distilled water for Walgreens.  I am really impressed with this Absopure because they are so transparent and honest with the extremely detailed information they give you about the distilled water they produce and bottle on every label. The label says, "For a report on water quality and information call 1-800-334-1064 or write Absopure Company 8845 General Drive Plymouth, MI 48170. The label doesn't include their website but here it is https://www.absopure.com/contact-us/. Absopure has been in business for 39 years and has a B+ BBB rating
nice distilled water ph level analysis TDS
Absopure Nice Distilled Water Quality Report states the pH level is 5.7 and the TDS is ND (none detected). While the label is excellent, I was disappointed that their website was not. The Absopure Water Quality Report was actually really hard for me to find, I expected them to have it easy to find and readily available. I couldn't find it on their website, but I did find the most recent Absopure water quality report at Consumer Reports. The list is in alphabetical order just go to "A" and click on Absopure.  I guess CR had a hard time finding water quality reports too!  

Consumer Reports stated:

Consumer Reports bottled water research

"Getting information about the quality of the bottled water you drink is hard. We know because we tried.

There is no single source that maintains a list of these quality reports, which companies must produce for federal inspector or state regulators. The website for the International Bottled Water Association, the industry’s main lobby group, does link to some of them. But many of those links are broken, CR found."

What aisle is the distilled water at Walgreens on?

What aisle is distilled water in Walgreens Where is distilled water in Walgreens Aisle 10

Thankfully Walgreens is not a massive store that you will get lost in trying to find distilled water like other stores. The Walgreens distilled water is on aisle 10. You will find it in the row, but don't forget to check the end cap because sometimes they have the distilled water there on promotion. This will save you time by going directly to where you need to find your water!

    Can you buy distilled water at Walgreens.com?

    Walgreens.com distilled water sold out online

    Normally yes, you can buy distilled water online at Walgreens.com. You would just choose your local store or the store you want the distilled water shipped to and then buy it. Walgreens will notify you when it has arrived. But right now you can NOT buy distilled water online because of the distilled water shortage. If you try to order online you will see "Shipping Not Available" and the box is greyed out and you cannot select it.

    walgreens store out of stock of distilled water

    As you can see the only option to choose is "Pickup" but then you see in this example that our local Fort Worth Walgreens is "Out of Stock". In fact it has been out of stock for the last 5 weeks.    


    Don't just rely on Walgreens or any other store for your distilled water supply. You never know when they will be out of stock and sold out. Take control of your distilled water supply and make your own distilled water. Buy a commercial-grade Durastill Water Distiller that lasts up to 30 years and is proudly made in the USA for your home use, business use or industrial use!