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Durastill 84150 Commercial Water Distiller

Durastill 84150 Commercial Water Distiller

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Due to Durastill Factory Backorders: 240 volt and 208 volt commercial distiller orders ship in 3-4 months!

The Durastill 84150 Commercial Water Distiller produces 84 gallons per day and stores an impressive 150 gallons. It comes in two electrical configurations 208 Volt or 240 Volt depending on your industrial needs.  This is the largest capacity Durastill distillation system. This distillation system is fully automatic to meet the most demanding industrial needs. In fact, it is designed to connect a demand pump providing distilled water “on tap.” 

Customers Who Trust the Durastill

commercial use customers who trust Durastill

Proudly Made in the USA, Durastill has been the commercial water distiller leader for over 46 years trusted by Fortune 500 companies, organic and all-natural product manufacturers, Inc. 5000 companies, Universities and more!  

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Durastill 84150 Product Overview:
  • Completely Automatic Commercial Water Distillation System
  • 208 Volt or 240 Volt electrical configuration options
  • Produces up to 84 gallons of pure distilled water per day or 317 liters per day
  • (2) Model 42C Commercial Water Distillers - each 42C produces 42 gallons in 24 hours
  • Heavy duty double bracket mount for 150 gallon tank to hold the (2) 42C distillers
  • Dual Float Switch Box for 150 gallon tank to control (2) 42C distillers
  • 150 gallon stainless steel water storage tank is 18 gauge 304 stainless steel
  • Water Sight Level so you can see how full the tank it
  • Fully automatic commercial grade distillation system
  • Made in the USA
  • 1 Year Parts Replacement Warranty
  • Industrial Grade Stainless Steel Construction
  • *** Compatible with the Durastill Automatic Drain Valve
  • *** Compatible with UV Light for 150 gallon tank
  • *** Compatible with the 3.3 Gallon Per Minute Remote Faucet System
Durastill 84150 Product Details:
  • 30 amp service per distiller machine is recommended for each distiller 
  • 240 volt AC - 50/60 Hz - single phase - 22 amps & 5000 watts per distiller
  • 208 volt AC - 50/60 Hz - single phase - 25 amps & 5000 watts per distiller
  • NEMA 6-50P plug (50 amp cord and plug is heavier duty and lasts longer)
  • Completely AUTOMATIC System
  • Main power fan on/off control switch
  • Automatic water fill on/off control (float control protected)
  • Pilot switch controlling relay
  • Low voltage external pilot circuit
  • 24 volt breaker-protected control circuit
  • Manually reset electrical thermostat
  • Boiling chamber is 18 gauge 316 alloy stainless steel. Holds 5.79 gallons (2.94 water, 2.85 steam)
  • Aluminum cooling fins on stainless steel condenser coils
  • 12 inch or 30.5 cm diameter condenser fan, 1/20 HP motor
  • Distiller Cabinet - 20 gauge 304 stainless steel with black painted carbon steel support structure for fan and coil
  • Storage tank is 18 gauge 304 stainless steel and holds 150 gallons
  • 24 volt float switch in storage tank for high level control
Durastill 84150 Product Specifications:
  • Durastill 84150 Overall Height: 75 inches
  • Durastill 84150 Overall Width: 52 inches
  • Distillers: (2) Model 42C
  • Height: 17 inches
  • Width: 23 inches
  • Depth: 18 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 75 pounds each distiller
  • Storage Tank: 150 Gallons
  • Height: 57 inches (including furnished stand)
  • Width: 35 inches
  • Depth: 35 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 105 pounds
  • Total Shipping Weight = 255

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

How much does the 84150 weigh when it is completely full of water?

When the 84150 is completely full it weighs a total of 1,628 pounds. Taking this weight load into account will help you determine the best location for your Durastill 84150 and make sure your floor can handle this weight load.  The Total Weight when the 150 gallon tank is full and the 42C distiller boiling chamber are (hold 6 gallons) full is 156 gallons of water x 8.8 pounds per gallon is 1,373 pounds + 150 pounds for (2) 42C distillers + 105 pounds tank weight = 1,628 pounds.

What exactly do I get with my Durastill 84150 system purchase?

Part Numbers for Durastill 84150 Commercial Water Distiller System:

 Part Number Description
400216 42C - 42 Gallon, Auto Fill (208 or 240 volt)
400216 42C - 42 Gallon, Auto Fill (208 or 240 volt)
400124 Double Bracket for 150 Gal Tank to hold (2) 42C distillers
400125 Dual Float Switch Box on 150 Gal Tank for (2) 42C distillers
400122 150 Gallon Stainless Steel Tank
Water Sight Level


If each 42C distiller uses 22-25 Amps depending on the voltage, then why use a 50 Amp cord and plug instead of just a 30 Amp one?

We use a 50 AMP cord and plug for each 42C distiller because it is more heavy duty and it lasts longer. The 30 Amp cord and plug doesn't last as long. At Durastill our commercial water distillers are battle tested and you get 46 years of experience built into your industrial-grade system. We give you the best quality and durability!

How do I configure the whole system including the Durastill 84150 + Automatic Drain Valves + UV Light + 3.3 Gallon-Per-Minute Remote Faucet System?

 That is a great question. You should never buy the Durastill 84150 without (2) automatic drain valves for the distillers and the UV Light for the tank. The Automatic Drain Valve is attached to the exit line of the 42C distiller boiling chamber. It will open once a day and flush out or drain everything that has accumulated in the boiling chamber. Each 42C needs it's own Automatic Drain Valve. The UV Light stays on all the time and constantly sterilizes the 150 gallon tanks. This means you never have to clean your distillers or tank, because you are automatically cleaning your distillers and water storage tank every day. This extends the life of your 84150 Commercial Water Distillation System! In fact I have never sold a commercial water distillers without these add-ons.

You are going to need to pump the water out of the 150 gallon storage tank.  I recommend you add a ball valve so you can turn off the water if you need to. This makes it really easy to turn off the water and replace the Post Carbon Filter in the Remote Faucet System. The Durastill 3.3 gallon per minute Remote Faucet System is a on-demand pumping system with an accumulator to give you a steady and sure stream of water. Plus you have a faucet to dispense the distilled water. Most customers buy this Remote Faucet System but some people already have their own custom pumping system setup.  

Durastill 84150 Water and Power Diagram 

HOW-TO Setup and Install Durastill 4280 Commercial Water Distiller (This is basically the same installation expect you mount 2 distillers on top of the tank instead of 1. And the tank is a little bit wider. But watch this video to understand how to install your 84150.)

Durastill 84150 Commercial Water Distiller PRODUCT MANUAL:

Durastill 42C Automatic Commercial Water Distiller Manual


Durastill 150 Gallon Water Storage Tank Manual