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Durastill Automatic Drain Valve for Model 42C

Durastill Automatic Drain Valve for Model 42C

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The 110 Volt Durastill Automatic Drain Valve is made specifically for the Durastill Model 42C Commercial Water Distiller to keep it clean, operate at maximum efficiency and it even extends the life of your 42C. Remember after you distill 42 gallons in a day, the filth that was in the 42 gallons of tap water is now trapped in your boiling chamber. The Automatic Drain Valve is attached to the exit line of the 42C boiling chamber and it will open and drain out the boiling chamber once a day or it can be custom programmed to drain as many times as you want in 24 hours.  This means your distiller is getting all of the minerals, sediment, chemicals, toxins and other boiling chamber filth flushed out and cleaned out everyday. Each 42C needs it's own Automatic Drain Valve. 

The great news is that when you combine the Automatic Drain Valve for your 42C and the UV Light for your 80 or 150 gallon storage tank, you are automatically cleaning your entire Commercial Water Distillation System everyday which means you hardly have to clean it manually.

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Here is an example of an Automatic Drain Valve mounted to a t-frame support directly below the boiling chamber drain.

Product Overview:

  • Automatically drains 42C boiling chamber once every 24 hours or desired set interval
  • 110 Volt System - 110 VAC drive, motor and drain valve
  • 24 hour timer can be programmed to drain boiling chamber as often as needed to ensure a clean mineral and sediment free system.
  • Durastill recommends setting the timer to drain the boiling chamber (aka evaporator tank)  once every 12 hours of distiller operation, then adjust based on mineral and scale buildup. If scaling is excessive, drain more often. 
  • The drain valve approximately 7 minutes to open the drain, completely drain the boiling chamber and then close the drain.
  • Made in USA
  • The Automatic Drain Valve must be mounted to a nearby wall or supporting structure. Make sure the valve is vertical and is below the level of the evaporator drain.

 Product Specifications:

  • Part Number 400328
  • Model Number DV-2
  • Weight 10 pounds

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

How does the Durastill Automatic Drain Valve work?

During the automatic draining process the 42C water distillation stops temporarily for about 7 minutes and then once finished distillation resumes. When the automatic draining First the timer dial must be programmed for a specific time to initiate the automatic drain process. The process then starts when the motorized valve assembly is activated by the timer. The drain valve will automatically rotate, drain the evaporator tank, and interrupt the distiller's operation. After approximately 7 minutes the drain valve will rotate again, close the drain, and enable the distiller to continue operation.

Durastill Automatic Drain Valve for 42C  PRODUCT MANUAL: