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Durastill Pre Filter

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The Durastill Pre Filter is engineered especially for automatic Durastill Water Distiller systems. The Durastill Pre Filter is NSF Certified and proudly Made in the USA. The purpose of the activated carbon pre-filter is to remove sediment, VOC, and other pollutants from your source water (which is usually tap water).  It is very important to have a pre-filter because it does a lot of work that the distiller doesn’t have to do. 

The Durastill Pre-Filter is a 6 inch x 2 inch carbon filter that connects to the incoming waterline feeding into your distiller boiling chamber. This small but effective filter helps sift out some of the pollutants in your water before they reach your distiller, reducing the work that your distiller does. The better you take care of the water going into your distiller the longer it is going to last!   The cleaner the water is to start out with in the boiling chamber is the cleaner the distilled water is going to be on the finished product. And that is what we are shooting for is very clean water coming out of the distiller!  For optimal performance only use factory supplied replacement filters for Durastill Water Distillers.

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Product Overview:

  • Installs into the incoming water line of your Distiller Head
  • Removes Sediment, VOCs (Volatile Gases and Organic Compounds), Chlorine and more
  • NSF Certified - Activated Carbon Filter
  • Made in the USA - Durastill Quality You Can Trust
  • Compatible with ALL Automatic Durastill Water Distillers 
  • These filters are NEW Durastill Factory supplied Pre Filters, beware of used or cheap knock-off filters
Product Specifications:
  • Maximum flow - .75 GPM
  • Maximum Pressure - 100 PSI
  • Maximum Temperature - 100 degrees F
  • Size - 6 inches by 2 inches
  • Weight - 1 pound
  • Part #200312

How often should you replace your Durastill Pre Filter?

The Durastill Pre-Filter has a 6-12 month life span. For the highest quality of water, you’ll need to make sure and replace it about every 6 months, depending on the water pollutant levels in your area.

Which Durastill Water Distiller models is the Pre Filter Compatible with?

The Durastill Pre Filter is compatible with ALL Automatic Durastill Water Distiller systems including the following model numbers: Durastill 30J, 30-4CT, 3040, 3096, 46C, 46-4CT, 4640, and 4696. 

The Durastill Pre Filter is not compatible with the "Manual or Hand-Fill" Distillers including models: 30H and 46A. The reason is because there is no incoming water line that goes directly into the boiling chamber on a manual fill distiller. If you do have a manual fill distiller we recommend using some sort of filtration on the tap water you use, for example a water softener will remove some of the junk from your source water.

What does a "25 micron screen" mean?

The Durastill Pre-Filter has a 25 micron screen. A micron screen defines the size of particles that the filter is capable of removing from a liquid, which is, in this case, water. A micron is one-millionth of a meter, and about one twenty-five thousandth of an inch. To put this into perspective, the width of a human hair is around 70 microns. A 25 micron screen is capable of removing particles that are 25 microns (0.0010’’) or larger (FYI - a white blood cell is 25 microns in size). If you want to research more about micron size click on the link below.

25 micron filter chart

(Image source: Micron Sizes from IndustrialSpecs.com)