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Durastill Steam Cleaning Kit - 3 Feet Clear Tubing and 4 Inch Steamer Tube

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Due to Durastill Factory Backorders: Durastill parts will ship in 1-2 weeks from order date.

The Durastill Steam Cleaning Kit includes everything you need to steam clean your water storage tank. This includes 3 feet of clear plastic tubing. We give you extra so it will fit a 4, 10 or 25 gallon water storage tank. You cut off any extra tubing you don't need (the product picture shows after I trimmed the tube to fit my distiller tank).

What comes in the Durastill Steam Cleaning Kit?

  • 3 Feet of clear tubing - Durastill Part#300299
  • 4 Inch Stainless Steel Steamer Tube - Durastill Part#400412
  • Durastill Factory Certified Parts
  • Made in USA
  • shipping weight 1 pound

How do I steam clean my Durastill Water Storage Tank?

Watch the How to Clean a Durastill Water Distiller below. Steam Cleaning instructions start at 8 minutes and 10 seconds: