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Durastill UV 5 Ultraviolet Light for 80 and 150 Gallon Tank

Durastill Ultraviolet Light Model UV-5

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The Durastill Ultraviolet Light Model UV-5 is a 110 volt in-tank UV light designed to be installed in the Durastill 80 and 150 gallon water storage tanks.  The UV light is always on inside of the stainless steel tank, which means the tank is always being sterilized. This means you rarely have to clean out your storage tank because it is automatically being self-cleaned everyday from the UV light. We recommend everyone who purchases an 80 gallon tank or 150 gallon tank also purchase the Durastill Model UV-5.

The Durastill UV-5 manual states, "Light of the proper ultraviolet wave length will render many of the most common forms of bacteria ineffective after sufficient exposure."

CAUTION: This fixture incorporates a lamp with emits ultraviolet radiation harmful to eyes and skin. Precautions should be taken to insure that personnel are not exposed to direct or reflected radiation. Before cleaning or relamping, always disconnect power.

The quarts tube and ultraviolet lamp should be handled only when cold, with clean cotton gloves or wrapper. Do not use your bare hands because you will get oil from skin on the lamp. Should the quartz or lamp be touched with bare hands, clean with alcohol to remove the fingerprint oils. The quartz and lamp should be completely dry before operation.

The UV Light control box rests on the tank and replaces the regular tank lid. There is a red light that indicates that the UV Light is ON.

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Product Overview:

  • Ultraviolet Light to clean and sterilize storage tank 
  • Designed for constant use
  • Safety switches
  • Quarts tube and Ultraviolet lamp
  • 110 Volt in-tank UV light
  • Compatible with Durastill 80 Gallon and 150 Gallon water storage tanks
  • Made in USA

Product Details:

  • Model number UV-5
  • Durastill part number 400425
  • Weight 20 pounds

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Are there any safety mechanisms built into the Durastill UV-5 Light system?

Durastill Ultraviolet Light System Safety Features

Yes, the Ultraviolet system incorporates two safety switches that will turn OFF the lamp should the control box be opened or removed accidentally while the power is on. The indicator light will remain lit as long as the lamp is functioning, which helps provide a visual safety reminder that the lamp is ON.

Should you ever touch the lamp or light with bare hands?

No, you should never touch the lamp or UV light with your bare hands. Always use gloves then handling the UV light, especially during installation! The manual recommends using soft cotton gloves.

Durastill UV-5 Model PRODUCT MANUAL: