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Gravi Stil 2-in-1 Survival Water System (Water Distiller + Gravity Water Filter) with Solar Panel and Pump

Gravi Stil 2-in-1 Survival Water System (Water Distiller + Gravity Water Filter) with Solar Panel and Pump

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Gravi Stil 2-in-1 Survival Water System (with Solar Panel and Pump) includes two non-electric water filtration options: (1) water distiller mode and (2) gravity water filter mode. For use in emergency and survival situations, or for use at home. Completely sterilizes all pathogens, viruses, bacteria, and even removes salt from ocean water. Made in the USA with stainless steel. Includes stainless steel boiling and condensation pots, stainless steel water distiller, carbon gravity filter, solar panel powered fully automatic pump (to refill distiller), and storage bag. Made in the USA of 304 and 316 commercial-grade quality stainless steel and no plastic at all.

  • Non-electric, 2-in-1 survival water system: water distiller and gravity water filter
  • Includes solar panel to power USB powered air pump & transfer pump 
  • Continuous refill pump for fully automatic use in water distiller mode
  • Distiller removes all pathogens, viruses, bacteria, parasites, harsh chemicals, cysts, heavy metals, and even salt from ocean water
  • Exceeds emergency water treatment recommendations of FEMA, American Red Cross, and CDC
  • Includes an automatic fill system for continuous, clean water, with up to 4 gallons purified per hour
  • Make an unlimited supply of distilled water with distiller
  • Make up to 3,000 gallons of filtered water over 1 year with Gravity Filter
  • Includes Non-electric Stainless Steel Water Distiller and Stainless Steel Discharge Tube (no plastic)
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How does the Gravi Stil 2-in-1 Survival Water System with Solar Panel and Pump work?

The Gravi Stil Emergency Water System has two options for purifying your water, depending on how it is configured. Mode #1 is water distillation and mode #2 is gravity filtration. Mode #1 uses the bottom pot to boil water, creating steam, which is cooled back into water in a separate container, leaving all the impurities behind. Mode #2 uses gravity to pull the water from the top pot, through a carbon filter, and into the bottom pot.

Mode #1 Automatic Fill Water Distiller Configuration:

When assembled in distiller mode, The Gravi Stil Automatic Fill Water Distiller system will have the distiller placed in between two pots, with the top pot connected to a fill pump, solar panel, and water supply. Simply add the water you need to distill into the (top) condenser pot and the automatic float system will carry it down into the (bottom) boiling pot. Place the entire system over a heat source of your choosing. (Anything that can make a pot of water boil will work. You could use your at-home stove top, wood-burning stove, barbeque grill, rocket stove, portable propane stove, or even a campfire).

As the water in the boiling pot boils, the steam rises through the distiller, leaving all the impurities behind. The steam will hit the bottom of the condenser pot, cooling it down and condensing back into water. This distilled water drips out the stainless steel discharge tube in a container of your choice and can make up to 1 gallon per hour.

The solar panel-powered pump continuously pumps water into and back out of the condenser pot, keeping it cool and speeding up the distillation process. As the water in the boiling pot is distilled and transferred out, the pump refills it automatically, making this the most efficient and easy non-electric water distiller.

Mode #2 Gravity Water Filter Configuration:

When assembled in gravity filter mode, you simply pour water into the top pot. Gravity pulls it down through an activated carbon filter and into the bottom pot, producing purified water at a rate of more than 4 gallons per hour. Great for quick water filtration in an emergency or survival situation.

How do I order extra filters for the Gravi-Stil?

You can order extra Gravi-Stil Carbon Black Ceramic 7 Inch Candle filters click here.

How exactly does the Gravi-Stil 2-in-1 Survival Emergency Water Distiller remove?

Bacteria, Viruses, Parasites, Cycts, Toxic Heavy Metals, Radioactive particles, Flouride, chemicals and more (see water purification chart in product pictures above).

How to setup and use the Gravi-Stil System with Solar Panel and Pump?

Product Specifications:

Gravi-Stil Mode #1 = Product Dimensions as a Water Distiller

  • Top Pot Capacity: 2.7 Gallons
  • Top Pot Height: 8 inches
  • Top Pot Diameter: 10 inches
  • Bottom Pot Capacity: 4.9 Gallons
  • Bottom Boiling Chamber Height: 20.5 inches
  • Bottom Boiling Chamber Diameter: 12 inches
Gravi-Stil Mode #2 = Product Dimensions as a Gravity Water Filter
  • Top Pot Capacity: 2.7 Gallons
  • Top Pot Height: 8 inches
  • Top Pot Diameter: 10 inches
  • Bottom Pot Capacity: 4.9 Gallons
  • Bottom Clean Water Collection Pot Height: 18 inches
  • Bottom Clean Water Collection Pot Diameter: 12 inches

Product Details:

  • Model# Gravi-StilEnhanced
  • USB powered air pump for increased water production as Gravity Filter
  • 20 feet USDA silicone tubing
  • Solar Panel
  • USB powered transfer pump for accelerated distilling
  • Stainless Steel collection plate
  • Stainless Steel dispenser valves
  • Stainless Steel High Temperature Float
  • Stainless Steel Fill Tube
  • Auto-Fill feature allows user to continuously run distiller without refilling bottom boiling pot
  • Automatically fills lower boiling pot with fresh water from condensing pot water. Just fill top pot and keep the distillation process going.
  • High Temperature gaskets, hoses and fasteners 10 Micron PRE-FILTER TO REMOVE LARGE DEBRIS FROM WATER SOURCE CONTAINER
  • .2 Micron Silver Impregnated Ceramic Water Filter 3000+ Gallons COMES WITH ASSEMBLY
  • The Ceramic Filter is ONLY used when in "Gravity Filter mode" (do not use in Water Distiller mode)
  • Ceramic Filter should be replaced after 3,000 gallons or 1 year
  • 1 Year Warranty

Customer Reviews

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Robert Hill

Just few things.

1. Be helpful if you updated the video to support upgrades you made. Don't get me wrong video was good.
2. Video on troubleshooting.
How do you keep condenser pot cool even though you are circulating it. I would pump water into it and overflow would go into 5-gallon bucket. But it still got hot. Had to add ice or cold water. System needed to be level. If I left the hose in distilled water container, directly in the water, and turned system off it would suck all that water back into pots. Also took way longer that an hour to produce 1 gallon of distilled water. Maybe I use it outside? How to do keep bugs etc. out of water?

amos holton
Clean water

I have not used the distiller-gravity feed water as of yet. However your you tube video goes into great detail about it's use and many optional benefits. This item is the most important addition to my preparedness plan delivery was fast and secure. Thany You! Amos in Eau Claire