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Pure Water Mega 25 Automatic Water Distiller

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The Pure Water Mega 25 Automatic Water Distiller produces up to 12 gallons of distilled water daily and boasts a 25 gallon built-in storage tank. It is the perfect solution for a home use or light-commercial use. The Mega-25 distillation system is the ultimate model for production size and convenience.

The Mega 25 plumbs into your waterline and automatically produces up to 12 gallons of pure distilled water a day to fill its 25-gallon stainless-steel storage tank. The Mega-25 has a built-in demand pump and can be installed in a mechanical room. It will deliver pure water to additional points of use. This model also has an automatic drain system, meaning once the storage tank is full of distilled water, the contaminants in the boiling tank will automatically drain out.

The Mega 25 is a maintenance saver as it rids the boiling tank of pollutants that can cause scale buildup inside the tank. The Mega-25 also has an automatic leak detector. If the distiller senses a leak, the internal sensor will automatically shut the Mega 25 down until it has been fixed. This unit comes with a 1-year commercial warranty. 

Key Benefits of the Mega Classic Automatic Water Distiller:

  • Produces up to 12 gallons of water daily (as water is consumed, it automatically produces more)
  • Built-in 25-gallon stainless steel storage tank
  • Built-in 1.4 Gallon-Per-Minute pump with faucet to deliver distilled water to a spigot, icemaker, refrigerator or anywhere you need on-demand distilled water
  • Automatic drain flushes boiling tank which reduces maintenance
  • Safety shut off protects from overheating or leaks
  • Patented dual purity vents to allow Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) to escape
  • Removes over 99.9% of known and unknown contaminants (View 3rd Party Lab Results)
  • Made from T-304 Grade Stainless Steel
  • Commercial Warranty
  • Green Alternative to Plastic Bottles
  • No Need for Water Delivery
  • Proudly made in the USA

    Product Specifications

    • item # 39999
    • width 22” (56 cm)
    • depth 16” (41 cm)
    • height 38” (97 cm)
    • machine weight 100 lbs. (45.3 kg)
    • current draw (120V) 13.5 amps
    • current draw (240V) 6.75 amps
    • total wattage 1,600 watts
    • maximum daily capacity 12 gallons (45 L)
    • storage capacity approx. 25 gallons
    • Demand pump: 1.4 gallons (5.3 liters) per minute
    • Ambient temperature: 50½-90½F
    • Operating pressure: 30-100 PSI

    Pure Water Mega 25 Automatic Water Distiller MANUAL:

    pure water mega classic distiller manual PDF
    >>PDF Product Manual & Installation Guide: Mega 25 Water Distiller


    pure water mega classic distiller brochure PDF
    >>PDF Brochure: Mega 25 Water Distiller