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Does CVS sell Distilled Water? CVS Health distilled water 1 Gallon

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Does CVS sell distilled water? Yes


Does CVS sell distilled water?

Yes! CVS sells distilled water in CVS Health Distilled Water 1 gallon jugs and Smartwater 16.9 oz to 1.0 liter sizes. The current price range is $1.79-$14.59 per gallon and you will find it in aisle 17. But due to the distilled water shortage it may be out of stock.

What distilled water brands does CVS have?

There are two CVS pharmacy distilled water brands: CVS Health and Smartwater. Beware of distilled water with minerals added (found in Smartwater) because they can void medical appliance warranties, such as a CPAP machine. Only use distilled water without anything added to it. Learn more about the best distilled water for CPAP machines

CVS has 9,875 stores in the USA, which means there are an average of 197 stores per state. So chances are there are probably several CVS Pharmacy stores in your area, but don't forget that the individual stores may carry different brands and sizes depending on available supply.   

CVS DISTILLED WATER PRICE: How much is distilled water at CVS?

how much is distilled water at cvs distilled water price

It's the question you always ask yourself first, "how much is distilled water at CVS?"  The CVS distilled water price range is $1.79 to $14.59 per gallon. You always get a better deal with the larger 1 gallon size, but smaller more travel friendly sizes are available; just expect to pay more.  When you buy CVS pharmacy distilled water in any size and pay full retail price, it will usually be more expensive than other stores such as grocery stores. One justification for paying a higher price could be, they are usually closer to neighborhoods than the grocery store, so it could actually be less expensive for you since you don't have to waste money on gas driving further.  Down below you will find all the different sizes of distilled water bottles. I included the actual price and then I calculated the price per gallon so you can easily compare them head-to-head. Remember to always ask the store clerk if there is a deal or a promotion because it may not be listed on the price tag. The current deal on the website is "Buy 1, Get 1 50% Off", which is actually cheaper than some grocery stores.  All the prices below are the regular prices and do not include any temporary sale prices or in-store promotions. There are 3 types of distilled water:

  1. regular steam-distilled water
  2. vapor-distilled water with minerals/electrolytes and
  3. alkaline 9pH vapor-distilled water with minerals/electrolytes
Brand of Distilled Water CVS Distilled Water Price  Price Date Price Per Gallon
CVS Health 1 Gal $1.29 Mar. 28, 2022 $1.79
Smartwater 1.0L $2.89 Mar. 28, 2022 $11.01
Smartwater 16.9oz - 6pk $6.99 Mar. 28, 2022 $8.58
Smartwater 23.7oz $2.69 Mar. 28, 2022 $14.59
Smartwater 1.0L ALK $2.89 Mar. 28,2022 $11.01
Smartwater 16.9oz - 6pk $10.99 Mar. 28, 2022 $6.91


cvs health distilled water1 gallon jug

The CVS Health distilled water 1 gallon bottles have the most detailed labels of any other brand of distilled water I have seen so far. First of all you get the "CVS Quality Money Back Guarantee". Second, you get specific information about the water source used to make the distilled water and who bottled the water. It even shows that the source of the water is 'well #1' and the specific location of that well! When I read this it blew my mind... talk about transparency and having nothing to hide; this is amazing!  The label includes the guaranteed, purification processing, sourcing, bottling, distribution, and water quality report information. Check out the details below:  

CVS Health distilled water ingredients and label information

  • PURIFIED BY: Steam distillation, filtered and ozonated to ensure quality.
  • CONTAINS: Distilled Water
  • SOURCE: Well #1 Mt. Pleasant Twp., PA.
  • BOTTLED BY: Fox Ledge Inc., 1432 Bethany Turnpike, Honesdale, PA 18431 CT#570, PA DEP#395, NYSHD Cert. #301
  • FOR A REPORT ON WATER QUALITY: please call 1-866-347-9280 or write to Water Source One, 1114 Lost Creek Blvd, Suite 100, Austin, TX 78746
  • DISTRIBUTED BY: CVS Pharmacy, Inc. One CVS Drive, Woonsocket, RI 02895 CVS.com 1-800-SHOP CVS 


Fox Ledge Inc. is a bottled water company in Northeastern Pennsylvania that offers private labeling for other businesses. CVS Pharmacy uses Fox Ledge to produce distilled water and bottle it for all of the CVS Stores in the USA. Fox Ledge Inc. has the easiest to find water quality report I have every found. Just go to their website in the main menu click on the "About" drop down and choose "Water Quality". The Fox Ledge website states:
The Safe Quality Food (SQF) Program is a leading, global food safety and quality certification program and management system and is administered by the SQF Institute, a division of the Food Marketing Institute (FMI). SQF is an internationally recognized certification program and SQF certification meets government food safety and traceability requirements.
cvs distilled water ph level analysis TDS water quality report and test
The Fox Ledge Inc. Water Quality Report is called the Distilled Finished Product Analysis. The Fox Ledge Inc. CVS Health Water Quality Report states the pH level is 5.5 and the TDS is ND (none detected).   Download the CVS Health Distilled Water Quality Report.  Fox Ledge's distilled water report was only one of three reports found by Consumer Reports.

Consumer Reports stated:

Consumer Reports bottled water research

"There is no single source that maintains a list of these quality reports, which companies must produce for federal inspector or state regulators. The website for the International Bottled Water Association, the industry’s main lobby group, does link to some of them. But many of those links are broken, CR found."

What aisle is the distilled water at CVS on?

What aisle is distilled water in CVS Where is distilled water in CVS Aisle 17

One of the benefits of buying distilled water at CVS pharmacy is that the store is small and pretty easy to find. The CVS distilled water is on aisle 17. You will find it in the row, but don't forget to check the end cap because sometimes distilled water is featured on sale.

    Can you buy distilled water at CVS.com?

    CVS.com distilled water shipping not available not sold online

    No, you cannot currently buy distilled water at cvs.com. The website says "Shipping not available." Since distilled water is so heavy and expensive to ship the only option is to buy it in stores. Does CVS have distilled water in-store? Yes. In fact, CVS.com says CVS Health distilled water is "only in stores."  So you just found out you can't order it online, but that's no problem because you can just pick it up at your local CVS right... unfortunately wrong. Due to the distilled water shortage many CVS stores are sold out. When I looked up a local store and searched for distilled water I got this message "Out of stock at...store address".

    sold out empty shelves distilled water cvs pharmacy

    I went to 5 different CVS stores and all I found was empty shelves. I would recommend you check the website and search for a store that has some distilled water in-stock. At the top of the website just click on "Choose a Store." Then you can enter a zip code and choose a store. Then it will show you that store's stock. You can also search on Google for "distilled water near me CVS" and see what that pulls up. I know this is really inconvenient, but with unpredictable inventory levels, you really have to dig to find the in-stock distilled water at CVS .    


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