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Does Distilled Water Have Bacteria?

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Does distilled water have bacteria?

To put it simply, NO! Durastill Distilled Water does NOT contain bacteria. Bacteria is killed through the process of water distillation. Read the in-depth details below.

Does distilling water remove bacteria?

YES distilling water removes bacteria. A commercial-grade Durastill Water Distiller (made in USA) removes bacteria from your tap water, well water and drinking water. Durastill steam distillation removes the bacteria where it is trapped in the boiling chamber and creates bacteria-free distilled water !


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How To Remove Bacteria From Well Water, Drinking Water and Tap Water?

Two common questions we get asked are: "How to remove bacteria from well water?" and "How to remove bacteria from drinking water?"

how to remove e coli bacteria from water

A few years ago we went to church one week and found out that there was at least one person sick in each family and home it the neighborhood. We couldn't believe it! They had all gotten sick over the past week. They were vomiting and had diarrhea. So what do you do when you are getting dehydrated... you guessed it drink more water, but they kept getting sicker and sicker. The next day a city official announced that there had been a mistake and the DITCH WATER had been connected to the tap water about 7 days ago. E-coli bacteria had been found in the city drinking water and an immediate boil order was issued for all tap water. We were all completely shocked... my neighbors had been drinking E-Coli contaminated ditch water for the past week! All the bottled water was sold out in the entire city in a matter of hours... it was pretty crazy.

Since we had a Durastill Water Distiller at home we never got sick and after the boil order was issued and there was no bottled water was sold out, we helped out our neighbor by giving them distilled water to drink. You never know how important something is until there is scarcity. It felt really good to help others in a time of emergency. We also felt safe, secure and had peace of mind knowing we were drinking clean and pure distilled water.  

How does a water distiller remove bacteria?

One of the reasons why I bought my water distiller 20 years ago was because  a Durastill Water Distiller not only kills the bacteria but it also removes the dead bacteria from the water through steam distillation. Here is how to remove e coli bacteria from water using a water distiller.

How water distillers work - can bacteria survive in distilled water

STEP #1: The source water (tap water, drinking water, well water, etc) enters the boiling chamber. The water is then heated to 212 degrees and boiled. This high heat kills the bacteria. [The problem with just boiling your water in a boil order emergency is that boiling the water will kill the bacteria but then you have the dead bacteria and other pollutants remaining in the water. I would not want to drink boiled ditch water from my stove.]

STEP #2: As the water is boiled the water turns from a liquid to steam and leaves the dead bacteria behind in the boiling chamber.

STEP #3: Then a fan cools the steam back down into water.

STEP #4: The distilled water is then deposited into a 316 Surgical-Grade Stainless Steel water storage tank. That's distillation. Pretty simple but the most effective way to get the clean, pure and safe water to drink!

About once a month we drain the boiling chamber to remove the dead bacteria, virus, heavy metals, sediment, chemicals and all the other pollutants that have been removed from the water. It usually looks kind of like a white sand or brown sand. 

Can bacteria survive in distilled water?

No the water distillation process completely kills and removes the bacteria to create pure distilled water.

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