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Does Distilled Water Have Fluoride In It?

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Does distilled water contain fluoride?

To put it simply, NO! Durastill Distilled Water does NOT contain fluoride. But low quality water distillation or other water filtration systems could not properly remove and filter out the fluoride like you would expect.  There are several factors to consider. Read the in-depth details below.

Does distilling water remove fluoride?

YES distilling water removes fluoride. A commercial-grade Durastill Water Distiller (made in USA) removes fluoride from your tap water and drinking water. Durastill steam distillation combined with a VOC vent and NSF Certified Post-Carbon filter removes the maximum amount of fluoride from your water!


does distilled water have fluoride in itdoes distilling water remove fluoride

How To Remove Fluoride From Water?

Two common questions we get asked are: "How to remove fluoride from your tap water?" and "Can fluoride be removed from drinking water?

If you don't already have a home water distiller to control the purity of your drinking water, then you probably buy your distilled water from the grocery store. If so, you are probably wondering about the quality of that bottled distilled water. We buy distilled water when we go on vacation and are away from our Durastill 3096 Home Water Distiller. Several years ago we were went on vacation to Disneyland. We stayed at a hotel right by the park which was really fun and convenient. After we unloaded our luggage, we washed our hands in the bathroom sink. My daughter said, "Dad what is that smell... is that the sink water?"  The Los Angeles tap water smelled like sewage... it was really gross. Our next stop was the grocery store to buy distilled water in the 1 gallon jugs! Problem solved! We drank distilled water from the grocery store because it doesn't have fluoride along with all the other pollutants, toxins, etc. that we knew were in the L.A. tap water.   

We are in the process of getting the fluoride tested for the most popular grocery store brands of distilled water "Great Value" and "Parents Choice". We will post the results as soon as we get them back from the lab. But for now here are the details from the research we conducted.

Does Great Value distilled water have fluoride in it?

does great value distilled water have fluoride in it

No, probably not. Great Value distilled water should not have fluoride because it is steam distilled.

However if you look on the label of the Great Value distilled water bottle you will see the source of the water, where it was purified and how it was purified. For Example:





  • BOTTLED BY: DS Services of America, Inc. Atlanta, GA 30339 NV05763.
  • SOURCE: SLC Municipal Water; Salt Lake City, Ut.
  • PROCESSED BY: Steam Distillation, Microfiltration, Ozonation.

I cannot vouch for every location that Great Value uses to distill their water, because it is impossible to monitor and control the quality. If you want to get more information about the Great Value Distilled Water you can call the number on the bottle 1-877-505-2267.

The best way to guarantee the highest quality water is always to make distilled water at your home. Then you have absolute control over your home water distillation and entire purification process from start to finish.

Does Walmart distilled water have fluoride?

does walmart distilled water have fluoride

Usually at Walmart you only have a very limited brand selection of distilled water. The Walmart brand of distilled water is called "Great Value". Please see the answer above.


Is Walmart distilled water really distilled?

Is walmart distilled water really distilled
Yes, Walmart distilled water really is distilled according to the label it says "processed by: Steam Distillation". If it has been processed by steam distillation then it really is distilled water.  I know some people worry that bottled water is just tap water in a bottle and then labeled as "distilled".  If you are really worried you can get a TDS meter and test your Walmart distilled water. 


Does Parents Choice distilled water have fluoride?

does parents choice distilled water have fluoride

No, probably not. The steam distillation process should easily remove fluoride along with other contaminants. Parents Choice is unique because it is "Distilled Water with Minerals Added For Taste." You will usually find Parents Choice Distilled Water in the "Baby" section of the grocery store. It is sometimes near the baby food aisle or at the end of the aisle. Parents Choice is marketed as water for baby bottles. The Parents Choice label has some excellent information on it including:


  • parents choice distilled water walmart ingredients
    INGREDIENTS: Distilled Water, magnesium sulfate, potassium, bicarbonate and potassium chloride
  • DISTRIBUTED BY: Walmart Inc. Bentonville, AR 
  • PROCESSED BY: Steam Distillation
  • USE AS DIRECTED: by a Physician or by labeling directions for use of infant formula
  • FOR NUTRITIONAL, SOURCE OR BOTTLED WATER QUALITY INFORMATION - Call or go to https://premiumwaters.com

Again I cannot vouch for every location that Parents Choice uses to distill their water, because it is impossible to monitor and control the quality. If you want to get more information about the Parents Choice Distilled Water you can call the number on the bottle 1-877-224-8392. Remember the only way to guarantee the quality of your distilled water is to make your own at home

How does a water distiller remove fluoride?

A Durastill Water Distiller removes fluoride through the process of steam distillation plus the additional NSF Certified Post-Carbon Filter. 

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