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Does Distilled Water Have Minerals In It?

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Does distilled water have minerals in it?

NO! Durastill Distilled Water does NOT have minerals in it. Durastill Water Distiller remove hard water minerals and sediment including chlorine, salts, calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron, copper and more. Read the in-depth explanation below.

What type of water does not contain any dissolved minerals?

Durastill distilled water does not contain any dissolved minerals, learn more about mineral free distilled water below:


does distilled water have minerals in it? NoWhat type of water does not contain any dissolved minerals? mineral free distilled water

Does Distilled Water Contain Minerals?

Distilled water does not contain any minerals like magnesium and calcium. Since we're already consuming minerals from our diet, drinking distilled water doesn't make us deficient. A balanced healthy diet rich in fruits and vegetables is an excellent source of vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants and more! 

What minerals does a Durastill Water Distiller remove?

water distillation removes minerals and sediment

A Durastill water distiller removes organic compounds, fluoride, lead, dissolved solids, and other impurities from water. Distilled water is formed after converting water to steam, discarding all contaminants from the water.

Viruses are neutralized under pressure because pathogenic bacteria and potentially harmful microorganisms cannot withstand such high temperatures.
Municipalities add chlorine and chloramine for sterilization purposes, but the chlorine gives the water a chemical taste and odor. These are easily removed by distillation of the water.

Impurities such as nitrates, pharmaceuticals, barium, copper, arsenic, and iron are separated from the water with water still. The hardness of the water is completely eliminated during the distillation process, along with minerals of any kind.

Durastill Water Distillers removes these minerals:

  • Chloride (aka Chlorine is the gas form)
  • Dissolved salts
  • Calcium
  • Magnesium
  • Zinc
  • Iron
  • Sodium
  • Bicarbonate
  • Nitrates
  • Copper

What Damage can these Minerals Cause in Appliances and Medical Devices? 

Many American homeowners have hard water running through their taps. It is because at least forty percent of the water is groundwater, which is harder than surface water. While hard water may seem like a rusty nuisance that only stains your sink and other items, the truth is that it's more brutal to your plumbing and appliances. In fact using any water with minerals in some medical devices like CPAP machines actually voids the warranty, because the minerals stick to it and destroy it.

The difference between hard and soft water is that the former has higher mineral content. Hard water consists of sulfates, bicarbonates, and chlorides with oxidized iron (II) stains that cause redness (or brown stains) on surfaces. Hard water causes damage to the pipes in the following way:

  • Hard water clogs pipes and fittings.
  • Hard water causes sinks to become discolored.
  • Hard water clogs faucets.
  • Hard water ruins the washing machine mechanism and wears it down.
  • Hard water ruins the dishwasher causing it to become chalky.
  • Hard water damaged water heaters
  • Hard water causes bathtubs to become discolored as well.

"If the hard water minerals are doing that much damage to your pipes, sinks, faucets, water heaters, appliances, medical devices and more... then what are they doing inside your body?" - Brandon Flint

does distilled water remove minerals through distillation process

A water distiller removes the minerals from the water by boiling the water. Once the water turns to steam then the minerals are left behind in the boiling chamber. I was actually shocked the first time I cleaned out my boiling chamber because this is what I found! Over the 20 years I have had my Durastill water distiller, I have cleaned out minerals, sediment and filth that looks like white, brown or black sand. It just depends on the minerals, sediment, chemicals and filth that are in your source water. The problem is that all of this sediment and hard water mineral scale are inorganic minerals that cannot be absorbed by your body. Think of it like eating really small sand that your body cannot process. WATCH The Journey of Water video to SEE what is in your water!

If all of the minerals are removed from distilled water, how am I supposed to get the minerals my body needs drinking distilled water?

The purpose of pure, clean water is to hydrate your body, detoxify your body and transport and eliminate waste from your body. You should get your minerals from the food you eat like fruits and vegetables. It is impossible to get the minerals your body needs just from water. Besides the minerals in water are inorganic and your body can't absorb them. You body easily absorbs organic minerals.

plant conversion process inorganic to organic minerals

What are Inorganic Minerals?

Inorganic minerals refer to elements that have never been alive, meaning they have never bonded with carbons. Once consumed, your body will treat these materials as toxins. Moreover, an inorganic material is tightly bound, which means it cannot break down easily.

What are Organic Minerals?

Organic minerals are the ones that have bonded with the carbon atom. All creatures are carbon life forms, and carbon itself is an organic compound. Therefore, any organic compound is bioavailable and usable by a living organism. Basically a plant will get the inorganic minerals from the soil and water and convert them to organic minerals which your body can absorb! Mother nature is really awesome! 

Produce your own mineral free distilled water for your home, for your clinic or for medical devices or for your business with a commercial-grade Durastill Water Distiller that is proudly Made in the USA from Rocky Mountain Water Distillers!