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The Journey of Water Documentary

The Journey of Water - Video Transcription:

Today you are going to see something about your health, your wealth and your future. It’s the most important part of your health and it is the water you drink. Because you are 71% water, there is nothing more important than the water you drink. Water is so important to your body that every organ in our body runs on water. We are lubricated with water. We are heated with water. We are cooled with water. When you get something in your eye water cleanses and expels the object. Water carries nutrients into our bodies. There is nothing more important to your health, your wealth and your future than the water you drink. As we discuss “The Journey of Water” most of the questions you have ever had about water will be answered. Throughout this water show you are going see some things about water that you have never seen before. I want you to think about it and make a decision in your own personal life. What are you going to do about the water you drink? Because that is your job as we go through this show is to decide, “What kind of water are you going to drink?” You are going to learn some things about water that you have never learned before. Today we are going to put tap water on trial. This water right here is tap water (Reed turns on tap and fills bowl with tap water). We are going to prove that this water is absolutely filthy and unable to do the job water was intended to do. This is distilled water (Reed turns on tap and fills another bowl with distilled water). We are going to prove that distilled water is absolutely pure, is able to do the job water is intended to do, and distilled water is the water we should put in our body. We will be able to see the difference between these two waters. The first test we will conduct is called “The Boil Test.” What we do is boil down a ½ a cup of distilled water in this pot over here. It’s the only thing my wife makes me cook. We also boil down a ½ a cup of tap water in this other pot. Now if these waters are clean when they boil out of these pots, then the only thing that should be left in the pots is… nothing right, if the water is clean. We will find out, “Which water is the cleanest?” The tap water or the distilled water. We will start that test right now because it takes a few minutes to compete it. While we are waiting for The Boil Test, we will conduct “The Electricity Test”. One question I have here is, “Does water conduct electricity?” If it is tap water, it is absolutely filthy and we know it does. (Reed then picked up an instrument with a light bulb attached to a long clear tube with two long metal prongs.) If I touch these two wires together that light goes on. If you were an electrician you would call this a “normally open circuit.” If I put this in distilled water, it does what it is supposed to do and that is nothing. Because those wires are not touching and it is an open circuit the light should not turn on. But if I put it in tap water, it closes that gap. There is something in the water that is making that gap close. The difference between these two waters is this water is absolutely filthy water and this water is absolutely pure water. Tap water started out as distilled water. In nature we have lakes, rivers and streams. The sun heats these vessels of water up and the water vapor rises into the upper atmosphere, where it cools and is condensed. Whenever you take water and change it to vapor and then back to water, that is water distillation. Distilled water is completely clean and pure and void of pollutants. The rain water (or distilled water) falls through an absolutely filthy atmosphere. The rain water is absolutely pure and is distilled water but everything in the air is gathered up by the distilled water as it falls down to the earth. We have emissions from factories, smog from cities, solvents from all kinds of chemicals, emissions from cars, trains, planes, and buses. All of that is in the air, that is one the reason the light turns on in the tap water. Our tap water then hits the ground, in one teaspoon of dirt we have billions of bacterium, virus and parasites. The reason we do is because every animal or insect that has ever lived, reproduced, died and decomposed has become part of the soil. And that is the food for the bacterium, virus, and parasites. When the rain hits the ground it picks up these bacterium, virus, parasites, decomposed animals and insects. It carries them to a like to a river, stream, lake, or well and that water is full of everything that is in the soil. It comes to a lake where fish live and die there. And we drink that. We drink everything that is in the soil, every microorganism, everything that comes in contact with water , water absorbs and transports. Then the water comes to a Water Treatment Plant, where we are chemically treating our water, that is why it is called the Treatment Plant. Our water is exposed to many chemicals. This is a newspaper in Utah called Capital Connections- News for and about people and government, with the Utah State Seal here. On the back in an article titled, “Making sure your water is safe.” Written by Carol Sisco with the Utah Department of Environmental Quality and Public Information Office. The article quotes Dr. Eva Nieminski, who has a PHD in Environmental Engineering and is over all 50 Water Treatment Plant in the State of Utah. Dr. Nieminski said: “We’re learning about very resistant pathogens in water. They are very difficult to kill so you need strong disinfectants. These chemicals may ultimately cause cancer over a lifetime. So the question becomes, would you rather have diarrhea today, or cancer over a 70-year period?” Raise your hand. So who wants diarrhea? Who wants cancer? Pretty good choice there huh. Those are the two choices we have drinking tap water. I think we should drink something else other than tap water. The cancer they are talking about is Prostate Cancer, Bladder Cancer, Colon Cancer… your Urinary Tract Cancers because that is where water goes first and your body is exposed to all of those chemicals. We know chlorine mixes with acids in water and that causes tri-ethylene compounds. Tri-ethylene compounds are linked to spontaneous miscarriage and various cancers according to John Hopkins University in New York and USA Today. When our water leaves the water Treatment Plant it travels though the pipe system. Some of these pipe systems are hundreds of miles long and hundreds of years old. In Ogden, Utah where we are filming this Watershow, our pipes are 108 years old. Made of cast iron pipes with lead joints. The tap water goes back and forth through hundreds of miles of pipe and then comes up into our tap. We turn on our taps on and drink out of our beautiful faucets and think nothing about the journey that water has been on. The Journey of Water is a long, filthy journey. Everywhere that water has been is everywhere we walk. Everything on the bottom of your shoe is in your water if you ever think of it that way. That is why when we put the light in tap water it conducts electricity. There are 80,000 chemicals in our water. In 1903 we had 3 people in 100 dying of cancer. In that hundred years until now we have developed 80,000 commercially produced chemicals. Today 1 in 4 people die of cancer and 1 in 3 people get cancer and the cancer rate is still rising. You think about the chemicals in our lives, we wash our hair with chemicals, we brush our teeth with chemicals, we wash our clothes with chemicals, we have chemical on our food… we are a chemical society. The only thing that takes that out of our bodies is the water we drink. Water absorbs and cleans everything out of our body as is goes through our system. Distilled water is totally different. Distilled water does not conduct electricity and we know it is absolutely pure water. The Journey Distilled Water is different than tap water. Water is brought to a boil in a heating chamber. The steam rises and leaves all of the impurities behind in the boiling chamber. The steam is forced through the coil and the fan cools the coil and changes the steam into 99.9% pure water. Periodically we drain this boiling chamber out. So for example, when we have made 50 gallons of water through the distillation process what was in 50 gallons of water in now is trapped in the boiling chamber. When we clean that boiling chamber out we are totally amazed with the amount of filth that is in that boiling chamber. (Reed holds up a quart sized clear jar with a thick brown silt substance.) This is the filth in 50 gallons of Salt Lake City tap water. And people wonder why they are getting sick and why they are getting diseases. This is Ogden City Utah water right here. (Reed hold up a quart sized clear jar with a thick white substance.) You never would believe it if you didn’t see it for yourself. After we distilled 80 gallons of Morgan City water we found this in the boiling chamber. (Reed holds up a quart sized clear jar with a sea blue substance.) Does that look like one of the chemicals they use at the Water Treatment Plant? (Reed holds this quart jar up to a contain filled with the chemical copper sulfate. Both containers look the same.) It does, doesn’t it…looks like the chemical Copper Sulfate. Now the reason they add Copper Sulfate into the water is because they have algae growing in the water pipelines and Copper Sulfate kills algae. Algae won’t hurt us will it, but when it starts to die a rot in the water it smells. Many of you have smelled the algae in the Great Salt Lake when it dies, it has quite a foul odor. When that same gas in is the water pipes and chlorine is injected in the water supply, the reaction of the algae gas and chlorine it creates Tri-elemethane Gas . Tri-elemethane Gas is very carcinogenic. That is where we come up with Prostate Cancer, Bladder Cancer, Colon Cancer and other cancers. I met a lady who said she only drinks water from the North Ogden spring. Here is 30 gallons of North Ogden water. (Reed holds up a quart size clear jar with a thick white substance.) That is what Is in the spring. Remember whenever you are drinking right out of the ground, right out of the dirt, you are drinking dirt. You are drinking filth. You are drinking everywhere you have walked. You are drinking everything that is on your shoe. It doesn’t matter where that water is from the filth is there. These inorganic minerals are what we are drinking. This is right out of a distiller. (Reed holds up a plate with white, crusty, hard materials.) Does that look like it would be good for the inside of our bodies? Dr. Charles Mayo of the Mayo Clinic said “Water hardness (inorganic minerals in solution) is the underlying cause of many, if not all, of the diseases resulting from poisons in the intestinal tract. These (hard minerals) pass from the intestinal walls and get into the lymphatic system, which delivers all of its products to the blood, which in turn, distributes to all parts of the body. This is the cause of much human disease.”   In Dr. Banik’s book “The Choice is Clear” he says, “If you are concerned about arthritis, hardening of the arteries, kidney stones, gall stones, cataracts, glaucoma, loss of hearing, diabetes, obesity or emphysema. Do not drink the inorganic minerals found in water.” He is just talking about the inorganic minerals, we have talked about 80,000 different chemicals in our water. We have talked about the insects, bacterium, parasites, virus, and dead animals in our water. When I installed a water distiller in my home, during the very first week this is what we took out of the water. That is what six people would have drank in tap water in just the first week. When I got showing this to people and my wife and kids they were astonished. Can you see right there? Look there are actually animal hairs here. There are six animal hairs in this bottle. (Reed holds up a quart sized clear jar with a white substance and points to one of the six thick, course, dark animal hairs.) When I called the Water Treatment Plant manager and asked him why there were animal hairs in my drinking water, he said “I thought they took that all out.” I said, “Well what animal was it?” He said, “We don’t know what the animal was, it was too badly decomposed.” I said, “Well why didn’t you tell everybody that they were drinking a dead animal this week?” And he said, “Oh don’t worry we put more chlorine in your water!” Chlorine is 400,000 times more poisonous that DDT. It is linked to a lot of diseases, even cardiovascular disease because it roughens up the artery walls which causes inorganic materials to stick to your blood vessel walls. Because a rough spot makes it easier for things to stick. You may go around for 10, 20,30, 40, 50, 60, or 70 years before you have any cardiovascular disease cause you any problems. But if the wrong blood vessel gets plugged off, they call that a heart attack. If the wrong blood vessel in your brain gets plugged off, they call that a stroke. If the inorganic minerals get into our body, into our joints, in our ear, it can cause aging diseases that we don’t have any cure for. Right here in the laboratory let’s take distilled water through the same journey as tap water has been on and make the light go on. We will have to add a lot of things to the distilled water. First we will add bacterium, virus, and parasites, I will wash my hands in this distilled water. (Reed then washes his hands with the distilled water in the bowl.) Five parts per million will make this light go on. We will see just how dirty my hands are. (Reed placed the light bulb test module into the distilled water. The light does not turn on.) Tap water is still hundreds of times dirtier than this distilled water I washed my hands in. Do you know the really funny thing about this? (Reed scoups up ½ cup of the water and offers it to an audience member to drink.) You won’t drink this water will you? The audience member answers “No!” Reed said, “Why not?” “It is still hundreds of times cleaner than tap water.” Did you just see what your eyes did to your brain? You saw something in your water! What do you really want in your water? Nothing, me too! When I saw this for the first time that is what I decided, “I don’t want anything in my water!” I wanted clean water. Let’s take this experiment a little bit further… let’s add some inorganic minerals to it. We’ll add some chemicals from farms and factories in there. Then we will stir it up. What is it starting to look like now? Mountain Dew right? Now we will take it to the water treatment plant where we will add some technology to the water and we will stir that around. With the right amount of chemicals we can make that awful looking yellow water look just like tap water. (After adding all of the inorganic minerals, chemicals, and other pollutants the water color was yellow. Then the water treatment chemical was added and it changed the color of the water from yellow to the color of tap water.) Isn’t that cool. Now let’s see if we made this distilled water into tap water. Let’s see if the light will go on. (Reed puts the device in the water and the light bulb turns on.) Yep! Now according to Dr. Eva Nemenski that water is safe to drink. (Reed scoops out some water and offers it to an audience member) You don’t want to drink it? Why not, it is safe? What is the definition of safe water? Won’t cause Diarrhea today. Let’s see what we have done with this TDS meter. TDS stands for Total Dissolved Solids, that means anything that is totally dissolved in the water will show up on this TDS meter. (Reed places the TDS meter in a cup of distilled water. Reed has an audience member read the meter.) What does the TDS meter read? Zero. This means zero parts per million. Tap water from Ogden City reads what? 308 parts per million. Now let’s find check out the distilled water we added all that filth to and made into tap water. What does it read? 54 parts per million. That is still six times cleaner than tap water. Can you imagine how much filth is in tap water? If you could see where that tap water has been – the animal carcuses, the dead insects, the inorganic minerals, all the chemicals that are in this water. If you could see what was in this tap water making the TDS meter read 308 parts per million, you would never drink it and you shouldn’t. We only had 54 parts per million in this water and you saw everything I put in that. You wouldn’t even drink the water after I just washed my hands in it. We had 26 little kids here one day and they all washed their hand in this distilled water and it still wasn’t dirtier that tap water. It still did not have as high of a TDS reading as the tap water. Let’s check out our pots and the Boil Test. This pot had tap water and this pot had distilled water. Is there a big difference between these two pots? Remember this is just a half a cup of water boiled down. (The pot with distilled water is clean. The pot with tap water has a white residue of film on the bottom of the pot.) How many cups of water are we supposed to drink in a day? 8 cups. This is 8 cups of tap water boiled down. (Reed showed another pot with more white residue.) That is what you are drinking into your body every day! That is one day, here is 7 days, here is 365 days, and this is ten years. (Reed showed different sizes of jugs containing filth from water.) How old are you? If you are 45 you have run 4.5 of these through your body. This is what your body has to deal with drinking tap water. Our bodies are wonderful machines aren’t they. They can handle a lot of filth, but after so many years of drinking filth into our body it has an accumulation effect. And someday it is going to cause us some health problems. If we had a new BMW and we opened up the hood and poured this down the oil spout of that car, what would the dealer say to us about the warranty of that car engine? He would say it is void, wouldn’t he. (Reed held up the plate of hard, crusty inorganic minerals.) You know our bodies are the same way. Our bodies are the finest piece of machinery on earth. Our body depends on proper maintenance to run smoothly. And our body is the most amazing machine in the world. It is run on solar power, we eat carbohydrates and they are produced by the sun. And we reproduce. And when we get a cut we heal; we have a pretty neat machine. Does your car fix itself when it breaks. It doesn’t does it. Our bodies are 71% water. There is nothing more important to our body that the water we drink. And if we are putting this much filth in our bodies, our machine every day. (Reed holds up the pot with 1 days worth of filth.) We will void the warranty on our machine. How long to we get to stay in our machine? Until we wear it out, until we put enough filth in it and we wear it out. Then we get to leave our machine. So there is nothing more important to us than our health. We can have all the money we want, we can have all the time we want, we can squander all of the money and time we want.   BUT is we squander our health, all of our time and money will be spent trying to get our health back! Water is so important. Your have 71 trillion cells in your body and every day billions of them die. The only thing that carries them out of our body, the only thing that carries out the dead cells, the spent minerals and vitamins out of our body is the water we drink. Now if I went out on the farm and worked and got totally filthy and then came to your house and took a bath in your bathtub and saved the water, “Would you like to crawl into that bathtub and take a bath?” No. Why not? Because the water is absolutely filthy isn’t it. Well that is the same way with this tap water here. There are 308 parts per million in this tap water. Do we expect that water to clean the inside of our body? That’s what we are drinking water for. Three day without water and we die. If our water is already absolutely filthy, it is like taking a bath in a bathtub that is already filthy. What do you want to drink? What do you want to bathe in? You want to bathe in clean water don’t you. You should bathe the inside of your body with clean water. Zero parts per million water is what you should be drinking. Water carries the toxins out of our body. There is more important to our body, more important to our health, our wealth and our future than the water we drink! Out of all of the waters you can drink you want water that cleans your body. When we get water to this point to the tap or faucet, we drink that into our bodies. Let’s see the difference between the two waters (tap water and distilled water) as then enter our body. We will put 200 mililiters of tap water in this bottle. And this represents the filth in our bodies. We will put 12 drops of filth into both bottles. (Reed puts 12 drops of filth in the tap water.) Now let’s shake this around. Now as this water goes through your body, up to your brain, through all of your organs, and around your body you will see something happen to this water. As that water goes through your body what happens? There is an accumulation of filth in that water. (The flask has build up stuck to the sides.) When you eliminate this water from your body through urination, does it leave something in your body? It does doesn’t it. The tap water is not able to absorb, transport, and eliminate the waste in your body. Now this is distilled water in this bottle, in this body. We will put 200 milliliters of distilled water in this bottle. We are going to have the distilled water contend with the same amount of filth, 12 drops. This isn’t magic or anything it just shows how distilled water deals with filth. Now as this water goes through your body, up to your brain, through all of your organs, and around your body you will see something happen to this water. This water is actually able to absorb, transport and eliminate the waste in your body. When you eliminate this water from your body through urination, What happens? (The bottle is clear and clean, no residue is left behind.) Distilled water carries the filth with it. There is a big difference between these two waters isn’t there. Distilled Water is able to absorb, transport and eliminate the waste from your body.   Now does anybody have any questions about water at the end of this show? There is a controversy about fluoride in water what can you tell us about that? I don’t really know, but I just know that on Government Toxicity Chart Fluoride is just a little bit more toxic than lead and not quite a poisonous as Arsenic. I do have two tubes of toothpaste here from the same company, one is fluoridated and the other is not fluoridated. But on the back of the fluoridated toothpaste it says “keep out of the reach of children under the six years of age and if accidentally swallowed more than during regular brushing call the poison control center immediately.” On the back of the non-floridated toothpaste it says you can eat all you want… there is no poison warning, it is totally safe for children or anyone. I know that sodium fluoride is quite a controversy right now in our drinking water. The EPA has come out against the fluoridation of drinking water. I am not a scientist so I don’t know really if it is good or bad but there are some really reliable sources out there that say fluoride is not good for us. For me, I think that fluoride or any other poison I don’t want in my body just overloads my body. My body already has to deal with other poisons. Flouride is used in: Rat Poison, Pesticides, Dental Offices, Municipalities, and Drinking Water. Does Distillation get fluoride out? What other chemicals does it get out? Distillation gets all the chemicals out of the water, including fluoride. Volatile gases however do distill over across, that is why we put a post-carbon filter on the distiller. The carbon filter had a broad spectrum of filtration for volatile gases. A lot of your volatile gases are: petroleum or oil, chlorine, and pesticides (many of them are phyrethroids) . We know the combination of the distillation process and the carbon filter take all of this out of the water, up to 99.9% and you would have to drink millions of gallons to get any adverse effect from those chemicals.

Distilled Water vs. Filtered Water vs. Bottled Water vs Tap Water vs Reverse Osmosis